Turbo Island
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God Print

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Hath the earth ever witnessed an artistic collaboration so immaculately conceived as this one between Atelier Superplus and Turbo Island? A joining of forces so ungodly - so sacreligious - that only their twisted prophecies combined could hath produced such an impious parchment.

Suitable only for the most celestial mantles; this is a depiction of the omnipotent Turby-faced-belly God happily unfurling his warm and lovely smite upon the meek pilgrims that dwell in the lands of his creation. And look at that little willy! Not much better endowed than the average cherub. But who needs a big willy when you’re a God? Blessed be all ye who buy this - and lord a’mercy on those who doth not.

-Esteban Peabody
(Chief facilitator, department of enablement of public sales allurement)

Black riso-print on thick yellow or white 240/200gsm card
297mm x 420mm
Signed edition of 66

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